so I figured out a video to introduce myself

why goran kris

dietro il mio nome c'è una storia,

anzi le storie sono due...


it's my name

I am often asked if Goran is a stage name, but no, it's my real name, my first name.

I was born in Croatia and grew up there until I was 8 years old when my parents planned to move to Italy for work purposes more precisely to Apulia.

I can tell you, I was very lucky to grow up in a special region, warm and welcoming and with the colors I love, which make for a good atmosphere.

i love the sea, pizza, good wine. i am in love with the traditions of Puglia but i always have an open and attentive eye to the future.


It's a nickname

Kris sounds good, on social media it will be easy to remember, and if I put it next to my name it will also be cool... Goran Kris.

Here's what I thought a few years ago when I started shaping my dream i.e. the photographer I am today, My last name (kriznjak) would be hard to remember so I needed something intuitive and something that would stick in the head, something that would sound good on social media and in people's minds.

I love geometry, architecture. i have always been fascinated by painting, caravaggio is my very favorite.


Creativity is crucial in photography,

is instinct, passion, necessity. Taking a beautiful shot means being able to tell, in a single shot, a story

as much as i love naturalness and spontaneity i just can't do without creativity. i like to experiment, with light and with shapes. for light i am very inspired by Caravaggio and for shapes i can tell you i love architecture and geometry.

they say about me

It was a pleasure to share our Love with you; your photos gave us the respect of those who know what Love is!"

"Planning a wedding is a set of choices, sometimes even doubts...but in this case it was a heartfelt, spontaneous and immediate choice: we chose to entrust the story of our most beautiful day to Goran!

The real and deep reason is that what emerges from his photos and goes straight to the heart, the passion the strong emotion, the transport of the soul. A collection of real moments made of entanglements, glances, irrepressible laughter, thrills experienced on the skin and in the soul, not only by us "protagonists" but by all the people we wanted close; no intrusiveness, no forcing, everything natural and simply as it is.

We were impressed by the delicacy of showing emotions and especially the sensitivity of capturing them! His photos are not still, they move, they give off the emotions that precede that moment when Goran captures the light and shadows in his shots. they captured our essence and all the feelings of each of those present! We are Us! Exactly like that!

-Simona e Antonello

Ben and I are not camera lovers so we were a little worried about the 'photographer choice aspect but the first thing Goran said to me when we met was " don't worry Monia. You won't even see us, I promise."

And so it was. He and his guys were very attentive and managed to do a wonderful job. I cannot even say that working with them was a pleasure because I honestly did not even experience it as a job but as a day with friends. We really enjoyed Goran's team and honestly I chose him immediately after seeing just a few photos online from New York, I had never seen such an original and pure style at the same time and I wanted this for our wedding. It only took half a meeting in person with the team to realize that we had made the right choice. To my new family of friends: thank you guys for capturing our special day in a way we never imagined was possible.

-Monia e Ben

Diane Arbus used to say that photography is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing cookies. Goran and his team have been that for us.

Discreet and original but always discerning and attentive to steal the moments of one of the most beautiful days of our lives, they were able to tell our wedding story by giving it back to us in its truest, most intense and unexpected moments.

Thank you for understanding our times, our shyness, our emotions, and thank you for treating them with care and gentleness.

We will always carry you in our fondest memories of this very special day.

-Stella e Roberto

award 2022

I'm a big believer in debate, the constructive kind that asks you to put yourself on the line and compare yourself with colleagues from all parts of the world. that's how you grow and occasionally take some small satisfaction. here I show you some awards taken on the most important wedding photography portals in the industry.