Elopement in Villa Lena, Tuscany, Olivia and Thom

Elopement Photographer Tuscany

elopement photographer tuscany

ELOPEMENT yes but what is this about?

L’Elopement è una cerimonia antica tornata di gran moda negli ultimi anni. Letteralmente to elope in inglese significa fuggire via: infatti l’Elopement è una fuga romantica in cui due innamorati si sposano alla presenza del solo officiante o di una ristretta cerchia di amici o familiari!

WHY choose to have an elopement?

Many couples choose this type of ceremony because they dislike the idea of a crowded wedding and prefer an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Elopement should not be thought of as an underwhelming wedding, quite the contrary!

The ceremony takes on an exclusive feel, and couples often choose dreamy locations just as Olivia and Thom did, choosing the heart of Tuscany, more specifically a historic villa, Villa Lena.

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I had not met nor known the bride and groom before the event so I did not know precisely what to expect, but this was not a problem because I am a photographer who loves spontaneity and authenticity of moments so I do not intervene much during the course of events, I like to tell them for what they really are.

As soon as I arrived at Villa Lena I was fascinated by the structure and its geolocation i.e. in the heart of Tuscany surrounded by green hills, olive trees and cypresses.

I met Olivia to introduce myself and immediately sensed that in front of me I had a beautiful person, simple and very reserved so I let her get ready without invading her space and in the meantime I photographed some of her details and explored the Villa.

The rite started punctually at 1 pm and besides the bride and groom (Olivia and Thom) there were their respective parents and their little baby a few months old, in short 6 people and a baby. The celebrant was very good (Cristina, @tuscan_wedding_officiant) and everything went very smoothly and easily. A small toast, a few family portraits and a couple of couple shots followed and we moved to the dining area.

My service lasted about 4 hours as agreed, and since there was no cake cutting, nor first dance I said goodbye to the bride and groom and their guests around 4 p.m. by leaving.

These photographs are the result of a 4-handed work, I should have shot alone but I invited a friend/colleague to come with me to Tuscany so she also photographed together with me, I want to thank her Elisa Argenziano, because in addition to the laughter she was also able to capture some nuances and moments that alone I would have missed.

I hope you enjoy this story, it is the first of the new 2023 season and if you like please leave a comment below or write to me privately.

PS. yay for elopements and intimate weddings but above all yay for simplicity and authenticity of epersons and moments.

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