Wedding in Puglia, Stella e Davide

Wedding Photographer Puglia

Wedding Photographer Puglia

Stella and Davide's wedding was anything but a traditional Apulian wedding, elegant and fun-filled. I knew it would not be a classic wedding from the moment we met and they told me their ideas, getting ready at the masseria and then continuing with the civil ceremony and the party always there at the masseria.

It is a wedding formula that I particularly love, the reasons are many, little flutter in the commute so time optimization, less stress and certainly having the entire Masseria La Macina at our disposal is really great. Stella and Davide got ready in the resort area of the masseria and it was a constant coming and going of friends and family, so I had the opportunity to photograph both the bride and the groom and this helped me in the story.

Among the masserias in Apulia that I love is definitely Masseria La Macina in Fasano, halfway between Bari and Brindisi, surrounded by fields of olive trees that make this location very beautiful in its simplicity. The color that predominates is the white of the plasters, the green of the olive trees and the blue of the sky (luckily it was a beautiful day). Being a wedding photographer in Apulia also means this, working in really unique and special places.

What impressed me the most about this wedding was definitely the nice contrast between elegance and fun that there was all day, indeed I would even say evening given that it was an evening wedding. Right from the preparations I noticed some movement among the groom's friends, I was intrigued and amused by the fact that they were already preparing the after-party, blowing up a lot of gadgets and preparing strange costumes. Initially I did not understand but it took me a short time to realize what was going to happen from there. During the preparations it was a constant coming and going of colorful inflatables, carried left and right to color the situations.

I wanted to include these elements throughout the story, I thought to tell the event for what it really was without trying to force it, sometimes reality is more interesting than our fantasy so we just have to tell it with the right eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this story because I enjoyed taking these photographs, although I would have liked to publish many more but then I would have bored you. see you next story.

Second Photographer: Donatella Corriero // Film: Pablo Figlia // Location: Masseria La Macina (fasano) // Bride Dress: Maria Laterza Spose // MakeUp: Tiziana Delvecchio // Hair: Stefano Brescia // Invitations: Invitichic Invitations //

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